About Us

Welcome to AFSWelcome to AFS

Welcome to America Food Services LLC. We are a company founded and established in Miami, FL., created with the purpose of supplying food products to satisfy the continuous and timely stock replenishment of the food industry. We have several years of experience supplying the best products, with the highest quality and the best prices in the market. We are leading company in the marketing and distribution of meat products, dairy products and other products derived from grains and cereals, such as corn and quinoa.

We are proud and privileged for the support from our suppliers, for the fresh and quality in all our products and for the outstanding human capital who has allowed America Food Services LLC. a positive and outstanding expansion of the local market.

But beyond this, we are pleased that our highly trained and qualified staff is always ready to meet all your needs with a great willingness to build an excellent business relationship with our suppliers and customers that lasts over time.

our vision

America Food Services, LLC was born with the intention of inspiring our customers towards a healthier lifestyle by offering high quality products. This lifestyle is not only nutritious and great tasting, but also practical.

our mission

Our company plans on achieving our vision by partnering with the largest and grain agriculture in USA, Central and South America while maintaining fair trade and equitable loyalty to our partners. Together, we are committed to continuously developing quality products.



We are proud to sponsor the Fundación Franlanqui, a non-profit organization founded more than 5 years ago, made up of a group of people dedicated to help other people who have become homeless or low-income people, by the donation of clothes, medicines, food, water or even economic resources needed to handle health issues. You can be a part of this!, Join us!

America Food Services - ALWAYS, CLOSE TO YOU.